Terms & Conditions—the legal stuff

Chrimson Graphics is the trading name of Christopher Martin Wilson. Collaborating with various brilliant associates, we provide cost effective creative stuff, taking great pride and a lot of care with evident attention-to-detail in every job.

1 Tenders, pitches, speculative work, etc

We regret we cannot accept jobs on these terms. Life's too short.

2 Payment Terms

To help promote courtesy and goodwill, the fee, payment terms and a reasonable timescale for the work to be undertaken is to be agreed upon before work commences. For website design or larger projects either an initial deposit of half-payment or payment in convenient stages is requested; the balance to be paid on completion.

For further updates and amendments, if not agreed as a 'flat fee', or if not part of a 'Retainer' (i.e. a monthly fee to cover an agreed amount of work time—see below), you will not be charged unfairly 'by the hour' should just a line or two of text be changed or an image be added to your site—such work is charged in reasonable quarter-of-an-hour increments.

3 Retainer Agreements

A Retainer is a monthly fee to cover an agreed amount of work time usually at a discounted rate. Should the amount of work required exceed the amount of time agreed within the Retainer in a given calendar month, then the additional work will be charged at either an agreed 'flat fee' or in quarter-of-an-hour increments. Should the amount of work required be less than the amount of time agreed within a given calendar month, that time is not ‘rolled over’.

4 Copyright and Ownership

Please note: Any work undertaken (other than use of images or elements for which the copyright is held by a third party) remains the copyright of Chrimson Graphics until payment is settled in full. Of graphic designs submitted to the Client, any unauthorised, unethical use before payment is received in full will incur the design charge in full as well as any costs involved in recovering that charge and/or any loss of earnings.

Additionally, with website work, the right to suspend or remove that website, or additional work carried out on that website, until payment is made in full is reserved.

5 Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights for the creation of graphic designs or websites we have undertaken remain. Should the Client no longer wish to use our services, then another company or individual are not permitted to use the creative elements claiming intellectual property or copyright on the work without prior written agreement.

6 Artwork Release Fee

Transferral of all design elements—e.g. artwork, Photoshop files, and/or web coding—to the Client and/or a third party via disc or by electronic means will incur a 'Release Fee' to relinquish ownership. This is a formality to protect the intellectual property rights of the original designer and, until the Release Fee is paid in full, the Client may not use or pass on such materials to a third party for the use of.

7 Marketing

In addition to the Design side of things, we will be happy to advise on marketing and publicity for your company or project, including the highly enjoyable, addictive world of Digital Marketing and Social Media—please ask!


A fable worth retelling

A vast ship engine failed and no one could fix it, costing the shipping lines tens of thousands of pounds daily in lost journeys. Then they brought in a chap with 40 years on the job, who inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom. After looking things over, the man reached into his toolbag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped away at something… then instantly, the engine lurched into life. The engine was miraculously fixed!

7 days later the owners received the man's bill for £5,000. "What the…", cried the owners, "You hardly did anything. We need this itemised." The reply simply said:

Tapping with a hammer — £2
Knowing where to tap — £4,998

Never underestimate years of experience, it is that which saves the day.