Transparency and goodwill—our Pledge to you

Pledge, pledge me do!

Dedicating ourselves to the proposition of a fruitful accord, we want you to love what we do, from the service we provide to the way we lick stamps.

Oh but life... it happens to the best of us, and though we strive for innocence and integrity, there may be on occasion the odd glitch afoot, an oversight perhaps, or a slipped-through-the-net blip of some sort. 

We believe we are each responsible for our own tab in this world and, unlike certain politicians who would smugly resign rather than put right their own 'misconceptions', we have firm ethics to uphold. Therefore our Pledge to you is that we will always do our level best to resolve any issues that may arise—not that they will, but be assured that we take all assignments and projects very seriously.

So please, should anything we ever do for you give you the willies, let us know as soon as possible so that calm may be swiftly restored!


Chris Wilson
4 Feb 2017