The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!

Now wouldn't life be far more exciting and purposeful with a few more eye-pleasing graphics to behold than what’s out there? Well some axioms just can't stay under a rock — there is work to be done.

Welcome to Chrimson Graphics, the very active presence of yours truly, Christopher Martin Wilson. Collaborating as and when with various brilliant associates, together we create simply beautiful designs for print or digital view; whether marques, logos, typography, publications, printed literature or responsive webstuff—whatever the style, for whatever the business.

With a load of exciting projects under the belt across three continents, this accompanying blog to a decidedly simple website will show how, from a tiny studio in which the sun always shines and the sky’s always blue (in spirit at least), some graphics, webstuff and publishing work which is truly global is entering the world.

As for myself, following an intense period of learning, gathering know-how with a rigorous ‘in at the deep end’ approach within various design houses and skinny dipping in some very deep waters indeed, I have charted my own voyage of risk for the past 18 years, the work steaming on through the Caribbean adventures, to enriching the aesthetics of various US, Canadian, African and European organisations. Many other gripping past projects to speak of include working directly with several of my long-time musical heroes on design assignments such as websites, autobiographies, and advertising; and spreading the love with plentiful projects for other clients all over the map.

Like giraffes reaching for the highest, juiciest cherries, we're getting stuck into a whole bunch of all-new, diverse and ethical design ventures for 2017; this is our main directive that we hope should take several nations by storm.

And now that distance is no longer measured in miles, may we joyfully attend to your graphics needs — from Whitley Bay to Runaway Bay to wherever you are in the world. Please get in touch and let’s do it… so it’s done!