Say YES to the brilliant Young Entrepreneur Scheme

A positive, new Educational Programme, the MSW YES (Young Entrepreneur Scheme), is poised to launch in selected locations and institutions throughout Nigeria to encourage children of secondary school age to learn the wonders and life-enriching qualities of running their own businessin other words, start ’em young!

MSW YES will equip the child with the necessary skills to thrive, and build the confidence to propel and present themselves into today’s digital world. The innovative programme will be available through formal educational channels such as secondary schools, through private tuition and to parents/guardians alike.

Chrimson Graphics has been appointed not only to establish the corporate identity and encourage recognition in MSW YES as a trustworthy brand but to provide a range of informative and educational materials to promote and enhance the scheme, including the organisation’s logo, digital literature including the Prospectus and infographics, and the all-important website from which schools and/or parents of the young participants may register and follow lessons, access resource materials, and chart progress.


From the Prospectus:

“The complete Young Entrepreneur Scheme will present unlimited global possibilities for your child, getting them up-to-speed with their counterparts across the globe, many of whom run their own online enterprises in their ‘leisure time’.

“Living in the digital world, your child will be equipped with unique skill sets that are in high demand with the opportunity to share those skills globally, learning, networking and succeeding. They will be guided through everything from the financial aspects of owning a business to the logistics of setting up an enterprise with international connections.”


Watch this space for full details upon launch.