OCD is OK, okay?

Far from a disorder, it can be a blessing!

Please, before I get carried away and maybe say something that ensuing legal advice may force me to retract, I’m not wishing OCD on any poor soul. Far from it—having had it myself as far back as I’m aware (though, paradoxically, I cannot recall an exact date), OCD can be a blessing. And though one or two acquaintances may joke that such fastidiousness in getting my layouts ‘just right’ can be a pain in the bum, in truth this supposed “disorder” can be a wonderful gift.

To apply a bordering-on-the-obsessive attention-to-detail can only improve every subtlety of every project in which you are involved, right? Of course it can. A natural discipline, it shows love and care, with a deeper interest and relationship with the work in hand.


"Leave everything better than when you found it." — Anon


With reference to a previous post of mine, smug though it may have seemed, that a large proportion of our planet’s (man-made) design work is perhaps lacking in finesse or missing even a basic grasp of how elements may be chosen and purposely arranged to a reasonable level of worththe issue being should a lackadaisical, half-hearted approach be as unacceptable in Graphic Design as it is in, say, precision engineering or competitive sport? (Best leave politics out of this.) We say: most certainly!*

This is why when seeking a guiding light to sort out your company’s Design or Marketing needs, a willing bunch with OCD-like exacting standards who know their stuff and are mad for itlike us for instanceare going to give you a better service. You’ll be better taken care of. It’s in the detail. Another chocolate biscuit?

*I know, I know... work of a rash nature can and often does have a lot of gorgeous folksy, naive charm but that’s for a future post.