MSW Creates—preparation meets opportunity

No time for the ordinary… whatever that may be!!

Taking the prize for the combined years of design and digital marketing experience racked-up by its individual members, MSW Creates is a new, relaxed collective of creativity and goodwilla sort of centre-point around which gravitate various creative businesses and ethical projects.

With a roll of ventures on-the-go as long as your arm, including education and furtherment, graphics and fashion design, and music and media, the primary focus is on bringing a fresh, aesthetic quality and positive worldview to all areas of operation“We love what we do and it shows.”

From the outset, the logo and identity were required to be joyous but non-specific, appealing as they must to the diversities they represent. Chris Wilson’s vibrant roundel design has the necessary cordiality-but-with-substance, that MSW Creates might embrace the challenges and satisfaction from ensuring its businesses and organisations flourish. Crazy stuff, eh!

A veritable feast for the senses, MSW Creates will launch in stages beginning February 2017 and continuing well into the next millennium or two, so keep your eyes peeled and your faculties on standby!

Developing the MSW logo

From scribble-fest to fruition, designing this logo was what folks in Newcastle upon Tyne call 'a bugger' to get right. Viewed left to right: from "too stuffy" to "yes, but can it be a bit more colourful and fun" to "that's it... perfect", the client is always right!