A little bit of what we do…

We'd do this just for kicks if there were no bills to paybut there are so here are we, raringly positioned to provide your company, project or venue with a front-end that frazzles!

Graphic Design is a calling to make the world a more beautiful place. A high ideal to some perhaps, but lest more examples of unprofessional, shoddy work are allowed into the public gazewhich might have been otherwise had greater care been takenGraphic Design is the art and craft of visual communication, to convey ideas and messages through shrewd and considered application of ideas, images, and typography.

Bringing together styles, fonts, code, text and colours to initiate or heighten a client's presence in the world is something about which we get very excited.


Logo/Identity Design

We love to create logos, marqueswhatever the style, for whatever the business.

Your logo is the immediate point at which your company or organisation and its products and services are identified, a symbol to promote instant recognition of your Brand (your ‘public image’ and how your company is perceived 'emotionally', to complement a 'way of life') and your Identity (the applied visual aspects of your ‘image’ across a range of collateral items such as stationery, uniforms, vehicles, etc).


A word much misused and misunderstood, a brand is not your logo/identity, nor is branding the application of your logo/identity. Rather, think of the fundamental spirit, the 'ethos' of what your company represents including visual ID, 'tone of voice', positioning etc.

Your brand is earned from a period of establishment and trust, the alignment of your business with a 'lifestyle' as manifested in customer attitudes and aspirations. But also you may 'assume-and-effect' your brand from the outset by making sure that all core values and high objectives of your business are trustily maintained. We adhere to this ourselves.


A website presents your info online to the world and, as with all good design, should be kept minimal, clean, and easy to navigate. We provide responsive, handsomely crafted yet highly affordable sites; an internet presence with built-in flexibility for future updates and expansion.

Diverse past and ongoing projects include global music, tourism, secure sites in conjunction with UK Police, various projects for Universities and higher education, and West African Governmental.


Electronic publishingsuch as e-books, digital magazines, and brochures in PDF formis now the more widespread means for producing and distributing company literature, but physical print which you can hold in your hands will be bubbling under for a long time yet.

With a buoyant ‘sense of the appropriate’ aligned with extensive experience in the design of publications, brochures, stationery, reports, a hundred-and-more music biographies published worldwide, you name itwhether for digital view or on paper, we design it.


We're here to help… so should you wish to find out more, discuss how we might assist with your project, or if you are interested in getting a quote that'll put a dumpling in your stew, please feel free to get in touch >